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In early 2015, Manson indicated the couple had separated in an interview with Beat Magazine, however in later months Usich was seen on tour and accompanying Manson once again.

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She’s currently playing Delores Abernathy in the HBO series Westworld, for which she has been nominated a Critic’s Choice Award.

Evan began dating British actor Jamie Bell in 2005 after the met starring in a Green Day video, but the pair split a year later.

At the time, Manson had recently broken-up with his then fiancée, Evan Rachel Wood Lindsay and Manson have been seen together on many occasions, including Halloween in Las Vegas at The Bank (The Bellagio), Manson's art exhibit The Path of Misery in Mexico City, the November Hollywood screening of Tilda Swinton's movie, "We Need To Talk About Kevin" and at "The Abbey" in West Hollywood on Christmas night.

Lindsay accompanied Marilyn Manson on tour and to many award ceremonies.

In an emotional letter to Rolling Stone magazine, the actress, 29, said she suffered “physical, psychological, sexual” abuse and was raped by a significant other and a bar owner on separate occasions. October 2, 1984) is a Los Angeles-based American photographer and commercial fashion model known to be involved with Marilyn Manson.Usich was first seen with Manson at the Boudoir in West Hollywood on August 14, 2010.With Dita Von Teese anything but silent about her failed marriage to Marilyn Manson, it’s now the goth rocker’s turn to give his side of the story. I had no soul left,” Manson (real name: Brian Warner), 38, speaking to magazine for its June issue, says of the marriage.“I define myself as a person, a human, an artist, as someone who makes things – writing, painting, music – and I couldn’t do anything.” He and Von Teese were together for six years before marrying in their seventh, in November 2005.

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In an email to Rolling Stone magazine the day after the US Presidential election, she wrote: “I’ve been raped. And on a separate occasion, by the owner of a bar …

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