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Given the amount of girl’s he’s banged, it’s impossible he had her on his mind 90% of the time.

Toby doesn’t tweet April after 2013, yet April still tweets Toby even after the date she says she stopped talking with him.

There are only a few scenarios to choose from if these messages are, in fact real.1 April actually texted Toby at his house about drugging her.

Yet in April’s Tumblr post, she claims it was the next afternoon.

Usually when I meet someone, I end up parking like, half a mile away because I can’t deal with busy street parking, and also I can’t parallel park, so I find a nice spot in some far-away residential area and hoof it.

While I still frequently get lost driving around the Valley, I can recognize the landmarks of Hollywood with ease.

When I questioned her about being too weak to go to the hospital, she barked at me with this; Emotionally weak?

She’s copping out all over the place with her damage control.

April says the reason why was because Toby cheated on both of them at the same time.

Who had other girls on their mind rather than just one girl?

It’s also clear that she was more attached to Toby more than he was attached to her.

The message clearly states that she “made it home”.

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In between meetings, the two would work with a psychologist, an anthropologist and a geneticist to see what it meant to be compatible and try various experiments that promise to jumpstart chemistry.

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