Short term effects of dating violence

About 20 percent of teen respondents reported psychological violence only, 9 percent reported physical and psychological violence, and 2 percent reported physical violence alone.In young adulthood, females who had experienced teen dating violence reported increased depression symptoms and were 1.5 times more likely to binge drink or smoke and twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts.Even after the relationship women may find themselves feeling overly responsible for others.

The following is a list of possible effects of domestic abuse upon women.

Since an abuser is generally motivated by an intense dependency upon his partner, tactics designed to ‘protect’ the relationship from threatening influences will universally be used to monopolize the victim’s time and attention.

Consequently, victims become ‘trapped’ by this dynamic in many ways.

"In this regard, we found evidence that teen relationships can matter a great deal over the long run." Exner-Cortens and her co-authors analyzed a sample of 5,681 American heterosexual youths ages 12-18 from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health who were interviewed as teens and approximately five years later as young adults about their dating experiences and mental and behavioral health.

Participants were asked if a partner had ever used insults, name-calling or disrespect in front of others; had sworn at them; threatened violence; pushed or shoved them; or thrown objects that could hurt them.

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