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This email will include steps in order to review and confirm accuracy of the DNS records we have on file and instructions to update your name servers to provide the ability to complete the upgrade.You may login to your Domain Registrar’s Administrative interface and update to the following: 1st Name Server: ns1.2nd Name Server: ns2.3rd Name Server: ns3.4th Name Server: ns4.Depending upon where you registered your domain name, the instructions to update your name servers may vary.Upon receiving this email you can also update your existing email address settings to remain consistent across all email addresses, however this action is not required.The updated email settings are as follows: Standard POP3 port = 110 Incoming/Outgoing mail server = mail.password authentication = Yes username = username.Standard IMAP login convention / port port = 143 Incoming/Outgoing mail server = mail.password authentication = Yes username = user-name.Standard SMTP login convention / port port = 25 alternate port = 1025 Incoming/Outgoing mail server = mail.password authentication = Yes username = user-name.Upon receiving a successful upgrade confirmation email, you can access the updated online email client by visiting your Internet browser and log in with your email address and email password.

You can access your new user-friendly control panel by going to login.

You will be emailed a username and password where you can login to manage your account, you can also conveniently purchase additional products and services directly from this control panel.

You will be able to quickly and easily upgrade your services, purchase additional domain names and learn about new products and services when they become available.

Please note: Domain Name Server changes may take 24-36 hours to update throughout the Internet.

Network Solutions 1-888-642-0209 Yes, in order to complete the upgrade your IP address will change, therefore use of the existing IP address should be changed to your domain name in all instances, including the common uses outlined below: Again, all of these instances of your IP should be replaced with your domain name in order to ensure a smooth transition during the upgrade.

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Please also note that after the upgrade is complete, we request that you replace your local version of your site (if you have one on your personal computer for instance).

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