Rozonda thomas dating usher again

(India’s biological mother, Tami Stauff, died in a ’93 car accident.) “India has been a great addition to my life, because I no longer just focus on me,” Berry says.

“Before she came into my life, I was about work, work, work. And we get to play.” Not that married life has been all fun and games.

Berry, 36, a former catalog model and Miss USA first runner-up (Note to judges: Oops!

), seems to get more gorgeous with every passing year.

Slipping into a tight bodysuit as mutant weather girl Storm in , the new sequel to the ’00 megahit, she even manages to make a white wig look sexy.

Although Benét previously has admitted to “mistakes,” Berry says the union is solid: “He has brought me a lot of joy.” Still, she acknowledges, “all marriages are challenging. This is too much work.’ But I have a partner who is willing to do the hard work.“She met my mother-in-law once on the , and Halle said, ‘Hi, Faye, how are you doing? It’s complete.”) “I’m not obsessive, like I have to have the best butt or the best abs, but I like the idea of feeling strong and healthy,” Berry says.’ She remembered her name—it was extraordinary, two years later. Doing nude scenes—whether the sexy shocker in —has made her feel “wiser and more comfortable with my womanhood,” she says.I don’t know any trick for straightening.” But then, Berry never much needed tricks to gain notice.After graduation, a boyfriend submitted her photo to a state beauty pageant.

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