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He was an outside salesman for a line of goods that were sold primarily to women so he had a number of places he could play along the way.

The dark clouds over her head did not seem to be showing any promise of lifting as I pulled up at the table.

“Hell, you might start out the evening alone, but I doubt with your looks that you would stay that way for long.” Tom looked at me in a bit of surprise after what I had said, and Alice replied, “That’s sweet of you to say Stan, but I don’t want to end up with anyone I don’t know at the end of the evening, and that is probably what would happen given my present state of mind.” Now it was my turn to look surprised, but not as surprised as I was about to become.

Tom really gave me a start when he turned to me and said.

Upon returning I needed to determine a direction for my life.

There was a time agreed upon and in preparation for the evening, I had to remind myself that this was Tom’s mother, and not some date that I had an opportunity of scoring with, over and over I said it to myself, but that did not stop me from continuing to prepare with the shadow of hope in the back of my mind. Her laughter was delightful and she said something about that being a good reaction and handed me the keys to her Cadillac.

Earlier that year before my enlistment, one of the members of the band arranged for his mother who was a tailor to make some show jackets for us.

I had never met the lady before and so I was amazed to see this petite woman of 37 (at the time) and pleased at the same time.

So here I was, back in town and not sure of what to do with myself, the band that I had been in before I left for the Army was still together and upon contacting them I was welcomed back with open arms.

We were all around the same age and single so we decided to rent a house together so that we could devote much time to practice and recording.

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“I am happy to hear that,” she said “I was really concerned that I might not be what you wanted.” And after saying that she placed her hand on my thigh and then slid it down to a position that allowed her to place her elbow on the bulge in my pants and sigh contentedly.

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