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He was sentenced to death for firing at a family solicitor who frustrated his attempts to woo the daughter of Lord Dudley and Ward but, after a petition by his sister to the daughters of George III, he was reprieved at the last moment and sent to New South Wales for life, arriving there in the Coromandel in May 1804.He had difficulty in reconciling himself to the fact that he was a convict but was liberally treated until he fell under the influence of Sir Henry Browne Hayes.He was later pardoned by Lachlan Macquarie and in 1811 he left for England in the Spring Grove.Grant's persistent championing of his fellow sufferers was courageous and praiseworthy but it was done recklessly and with an entire lack of finesse, and the punishments he incurred were severe.He became a member of the Middle Temple in London and qualified as a barrister in 1950.

With acting, you are a small part of the creative process, and sometimes it is hard to feel like you are making an impact.

They provide an interesting commentary by a convict on colonial life at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

With music, I get to feel real ownership with what I do.

Grant was made an Honorary Fellow of Roehampton University in 1997, and a member of the Scientific and Medical Network in 2001.

In 2008, he was the founder and inspirator of an online archive to trace and commemorate Caribbean airmen of the Second World War.

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