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If every Auxiliary Operational Facility included one chart updating mission on each of their scheduled patrols this year, we would make a large dent in the list of needed chart corrections on your area NOAA charts.

I don't know if this is any help for your situation since it involves database links, but I had the same problem except that it was taking way too long to update a spreadsheet running a database query. Evidence can take the form of a fix taken with a GPS set using WAAS, depths corrected to the charted vertical datum, physical measurements, photographs, drawings, marked up chartlets, and printouts from the Internet.The Internet can also supply great supporting data.Also, there are guidelines for pre-underway checks, taking depths, fixes, photos, planning a patrol, and much more.In addition, an explanation of each field This is an unique computer tool for making special calculations that help support your recommendations and improve NOAAs confidence level in your reports.

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