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"I think perhaps the open-fronted posing pouch might help him with his problem." Anita grinned mischievously at my aunt, who then told her: "Fit it for him, there's a darling, while I fetch the gear for his pose flogging." Anita went to a drawer in a table along one wall of the dungeon and returned holding a little rubber pouch with a sturdy leather strap attached. "Yes, it was so nice, I think you should give her a nice long kiss to say thank-you." It wasn't an observation, I realised, it was a command, so I stepped over to the lovely raven-haired lady and went to kiss her on the mouth. I went down on my knees, said "Thank-you, Miss Anita" and started to kiss her pussy lips, an action which only served to keep my prick stiff and add to my pain from the punishment pouch.

Pulling the opening of the rubber garment, she fitted it around my scrotum, then let go and it snapped into place, gathering my balls in its tight grip. After a minute or so, Aunty Pat tapped me on the shoulder and said: "That's enough, Rick, no need to make a meal of it! "Here," she said, "take this", and thrust the metal bar into my hands. "This bar will remain in your hands throughout the session," Aunty Pat explained.

She continued the punishment for 10 strokes, then was instructed by Aunty Pat: "Move on to position number three, now Nita! "Eees going to like this one," one of the pair said.

"I'm sure he will," said my aunt as Miss Anita went into command mode.

As Anita adjusted the strap tightly around the base of my cock I felt hundreds of little pricks starting to inflict themselves on my balls. "Now in a pose flogging there are three positions, and you will be ordered to adopt them on the command 'Position 1' and so on." I nodded. "Raise the bar above your head, arms fully extended and spread your feet about a yard apart - that'll help with your balance." I did as I was told, feeling the strain on my calves and thighs as I assumed the position.

Aunty Pat returned carrying a cat o' nine tails and a metal rod like a golf club, only with leather grips at each end. "That's the pose," said Aunty Pat, "now all we need is the flogging." And with that she traced the cat down my back, from shoulders to buttocks. "It's a rubber flogger," Aunty Pat explained, "which means it won't break the skin and it won't be too painful - just a light stinging." And then she flicked the flogger between my spread thighs, the tips of the lashes curling around my rubber-cover balls. Every now and again the blow was of such force that I was forced to teeter forward on tip toe.

This continued for 10 strokes, then Anita was replaced by my aunt.She surveyed Anita's handiwork and smiled at me: "There, that should help drive those lustful thoughts from your naughty mind, my dear. I let out an involuntary "Oooouch" and earned a reprimand from Miss Anita: "No, Rick, it's 'One, thank-you Aunty Pat'." "Sorry," I apologised, "one, thank-you Aunty Pat." The words were hardly out of my mouth than the second stroke stung home across my shoulder blades. Already the strain on my legs was starting to tell. After 10 strokes, Aunty Pat halted and handed the cat to Anita."Take him through position two, darling," she instructed and made herself comfortable on an easy chair to watch the second segment of the flogging."That'll be the girls," said Aunty Pat, "I told them I'd let them watch Rick's training if they finished their chores early." And with that she walked over to the door and let the two Latin ladies, Pepina and Conchita, into the room.As they crossed the floor of the games room to be seated on the couch directly behind my back, I noticed that both had removed their black leather shorts and were now clad only in black leather g-strings and black high heels.

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