Dating in 20 years older guy

He will finish his residency and become an attending physician at about the same time I finish my training, so we are also in similar career positions.

Since he is still a resident, he doesn't yet make the often astronomical wages of an attending physician, so we are on relatively even economic footing.I think a better marker is to assess things like: Answering "no" to any of these questions could raise a flag about the potential relationship.Not having anything in common past a sexual relationship could mean a much older guy is just interested in "getting with" someone younger and less experienced than he is.Apart from defects in character (he was not a great person in general), there were some issues in regards to the criteria I listed above. We had an almost entirely physical relationship, and he constantly pressured me to take the relationship further.He was also higher up than me in the company we both worked for (he wasn't my boss, so no issues there, but a definite disparity existed).

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Personally, I these things really matter to me, and people can sometimes be judgemental since the relationship may not fit their definition of acceptable.

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