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Therefore, the ratio of Union to Confederate professional officers was 642 to 283. Lee, who had initially been offered the assignment as commander of a field army to suppress the rebellion. He eventually became the commander of the Confederate army.) The South did have the advantage of other military colleges, such as The Citadel and Virginia Military Institute, but they produced fewer officers.

It was more common to name departments for rivers (such as Department of the Tennessee, Department of the Cumberland) or regions (Department of the Pacific, Department of New England, Department of the East, Department of the West, Middle Department).Commanders will formally and personally communicate this down and oversee the development of Formation and Unit-level orders.Phase One is to be complete no later than (NLT) 30 Sep 15; b. Commanders shall personally oversee the communication and application of discipline, extant leadership doctrine, and orders and policies specifically in relation to inappropriate sexual behaviour.The Supported Commander, assisted by the Supporting Commanders, will develop and deliver education on harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour to CAF.Concurrent with the execution of this phase, the Sexual Misconduct Response Centre (Interim (SMRC(I)) will commence operations as outlined in Annex B.

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