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Moore and Brannon Braga are approached by producer Rick Berman about crafting a follow-up.The pair immediately agree — eager to get right what they feel they got wrong with the previous film., there was literally a list of things that the movie had to accomplish.TYLER: There was probably more diversity in terms of storyline for everybody. I mean, for the most part, everybody was phenomenal and absolutely great — and the guys, my God, I loved my boys on that show.

Before every close-up, the hair and makeup and wardrobe teams come in and do touch-ups and everything to make sure everything’s right… TYLER: And by the way, out of their job description. RYAN: Yeah, could the [assistant director] just read it off camera?

That was tough, and it was particularly tough for some more than others, which was not real fun. But yeah, it was unnecessarily unpleasant for a couple of years — basically, until I started dating [Brannon Braga]. I’m sure people can deduce [who it is] if they spend some time Google-ing. TYLER: I have had friends who have been in situations…

Once I was dating the boss, funny how things suddenly cleaned up! TYLER: I always feel like there’s a strange intimacy on a set that makes difficult sets much difficult that working at a difficult office — because you can usually avoid the other person… There’s no avoidance on a set, and most of my scenes were with this person. RYAN: I mean, there was NO avoidance, because it was the richest relationship. where they had a very close co-star, sometimes their love interest, and they really did not like each other off-camera.

It had to have the Klingons in it, it had to have a big villain, it had to have time travel in it. With , it was really just, "OK, what do you want to do?

" So the three of us worked on the story together, and I think Rick was interested in doing time travel and Brannon was interested in doing the Borg.

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Jonathan Frakes, director and Commander Riker: Sherry Lansing, who ran Paramount at the time, said to Rick Berman, "I'll leave this in your hands because you know this franchise." Alfre Woodard, Lily Sloane: We are the same age, but I'm Jonathan Frakes' godmommy. We are like 22, and we would sit around and pool our money for chicken and beer and other things.

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