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If it does bother you, how do you avoid appearing too needy? That's because time and again, you end up in these battle of wills where you show some affection or interest and they back off. They then see that you're getting away so they come to you. Then, you do that...she starts getting weird on you. The end result was that everybody started going INWARD, questioning their own emotions or wants or desires and their inherent need to EXPRESS them, lest they be called NEEDY by some selfish ignoramous who started using the term to benefit only themself. and slowly, but surely...wound up swimming in schools of fish in some mercury tainted water on said planet.......always following each other, but too afraid to actually go off and swim by themselves in search of some other who didn't exactly buy the whole smelly fish story.........Reciprocate and you're going for a moving target again. That hasn't worked, so maybe I should be more circumspect. The only time I acted needy and insecure is when my wife (now ex-wife) was leaving. They shared DEEP emotions...GAVE in limitless and unselfish ways....cared MORE about the OTHER person than they did themselves...GIVING actually had a RECIPROCAL effect.

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A few common red flags include; giving off negative energy, appearing needy, appearing desperate, having over sexualized pictures, coming across as high- maintenance, seeming closed-minded, etc. This statement is not only baiting a man into messaging you about his favorite books, but is also setting up the opportunity for some really interesting conversation based upon a shared love of reading.

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Do men worry about appearing needy to a woman they are interested in? And most of us men know what happens when we treat women good. We question why you stick to the guys who treat you like crap, give them second, third, fourth chances and keep going back for more. People were STUNNED at this very 'diseased' sounding term.

I'm wondering if it barely crosses your mind or if it can actually cause you to limit your contact with a woman you want to impress. I'll do things for her, even ridiculous things for her, as long as she appreciates it. I want to fix it and make it better, and make her happy again. And my attempts to make her happy end up with me being called "needy". And though it had a certain place in the scope of life, the misinterpretations of the said term started running rampant.....everybody started questioning not only themselves, but everybody else around them.....

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