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(Guy's rerun troubles stem from the heavy use of repeated sketches at the end of Cycle 2, including three full Best Ofs.) Syndication Note: Message from Guy and Dan Ellsmire were cut from syndication; the Tony Bennett/Lola segment of the wraparound was slightly edited; the Prickley segment of the wraparound (including the lugeing scenes) was cut; the scene with Bittman and La Rue in the bar was edited DVD Note: The Tribute to John Belushi was cut Guy introduces the new 'cycle', and responds to those who are wondering when they'll do some new shows.And now, the new season: 52 shows, including 4 new shows, 13 composites, 8 best ofs, and 27 reruns.Other major sketches include the the classic Maudlin's Eleven and the Adventures of Shake and Bake.Hands Off Remote Control features a rematch between Gerry Todd and Tim Ishimuni, something of a sequel to Midnight Video Special.Lola comes in to chew Guy out for ruining her show.Guy says it was a rerun anyway, and he's been taking a lot of heat for reruns lately.Guy Caballero - Flaherty; announcer - staff announcer The musical about a prime minister who wanted to be a singer, and ended up seducing a nation. Indira Gandhi - Martin; Slim Whitman - Flaherty; extras - extras; announcer - Thomas Guy is surprised to learn that Indira is a rerun.Guy Caballero - Flaherty For women like Angie who perspire to greatness.

Juul's peeved because the Haalmeyer dancers are being replaced with union dancers for Bob and Doug's special.

He also takes away Johnny's limo, per diems and dressing room, and, along with his own wheelchair, give them to the boys. Note: The girl calendar on the wall of the dressing room is courtesy Al Peck's Cars.

They run into Bittman, and Guy cancels his special. Bob Mc Kenzie - Moranis; Doug Mc Kenzie - Thomas; Johnny La Rue - Candy; Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Bobby Bittman - Levy; Edith Prickley - Martin Clips from The Days of the Week, and run down of the characters, and bumper.

Guy, watching on his monitor, tries to salvage the show by getting Tony Bennett to do a number ('I Wish I Were In Love Again'). Bob Mc Kenzie - Moranis; Doug Mc Kenzie - Thomas; Morgan Fairchild - O'Hara; Joyce Dewitt - Martin; Guy Caballero - Flaherty; announcer - staff announcer The reverend will be your friend, for a price.

Bob Mc Kenzie - Moranis; Doug Mc Kenzie - Thomas; Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Tony Bennett - himself; Don Costa (orchestra leader) - Levy; Tony Bennett's band - themselves; Great White (union) Dancers - extras; crew - extras; announcer - staff announcer Bob and Doug do a blind date sketch with Joyce and Morgan, but screw up reading the cue cards again. Dan Ellsmire - Candy; lonely man - Flaherty The boys clean up after the disaster. Tony Bennett drops by and tells them he wanted to be their topic; so they do an impromptu show. Tony sings a morale boosting number ("The Best Is Yet to Come").

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